Mehta Plastics Started Production Facility In The Year 1989 In Daman, ( U.T ) Gujarat India.

Mehta Plastics has come a long way from its humble beginnings, servicing multiple industries, including retailers, food manufacturers, government agencies and medical providers throughout the India . Mehta Plastics services a greater clientele and offers a wider range of products, its core principles haven't changed.

Plant facilities in Daman, (U.T) Gujarat, India, Mehta Plastics Main Supply Is To Industrial Sector With Competive Rates, Excellent Quality, On Time Delivery.

Mehta Plastics offers creative poly bag solutions for any or every imaginable use. An expert team of designers are ready to assist our customers in developing and creating the perfect solution for their needs.

Mehta Plastic Bag has a well-earned hallmark reputation. It combines excellent service with guaranteed satisfaction, offering overnight delivery and immediate availability of specialized orders. Mehta Plastics no longer utilizes one machine to satisfy its customer needs. But they continue to build on the edifice created by its founders, offering custom combinations and innovative design, while crafting perfect, customized solutions.